Best Christmas Horror Movies To Watch

That very special time of year has finally arrived where your TV is being blowing up by terrible Hallmark Christmas movies. YUCK! Sitting by our white Christmas tree we want screams not dreams. If you’re like us and wanting more of a thrill during your holiday festivities then check out this list of our top  favorite Christmas themed horror films to watch during this winter wonderland.

Black Christmas (1974)

Dead of Night (1945)

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Gremlins (1984)

Santa Claws (1996)

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Better Watch Out (2017)


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The Perfect Haunted Playlist For Your Halloween Pleasure

We’ve officially entered into the eve of Halloween, and what’s essential is making sure that the next two days are completely filled with ghouls and heart-wrenching screams. That’s right- it’s scary movie marathons, endless bags of bad-for-you candy and a bopping playlist to get your heart pumping for tomorrow’s festivities.

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Horror Art: David Culbertson

The dark and the macabre are two factors we just can’t live without at Cafe Crashdown and David Culbertson encompasses both in his fantastic portfolio of horror art. A self-taught painter from Eureka, Kansas he has always loved the artwork and the space of the Southwest and moved to Santa Fe, N.M,  where he now […]

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Our New Favorite Podcast- LORE

I know. We’re late to the game, but are you really ever too late? Perhaps we’re just keeping it alive! Okay, what are we talking about? Let’s divulge: Podcasts have become a new favorite pastime at Cafe Crashdown and with all of the constant traveling we’re doing in the car, storytelling is fantastic for the […]

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