Twilight Hour Radio Show Episode 1- The Wage Earners

Episode #1, “The Wage Earners”: Sit down, find yourself a warm blanket to snuggle up with, and have a listen to the first installment of the Twilight Hour Radio Show reading from Haunted Horror comics, “The Wage Earners”. Enjoy!




Twilight hour is a podcast designed to be much like an old radio show that you would’ve listened to back in the 1940s. I along with friends, who will vary per episode, will be doing voice overs reading to you from Haunted Horror comics, the comics the government didn’t want you to read. 

Before we dive into these stories I want to give you all a little bit of context about these comics. I’m a history nerd and you’ll discover from listening to me and watching Cafe Crashdown’s YouTube channel that I love to dust a little history into the mix to give you a bit of realism. Sometimes the scariest part of a story is the truth behind it.

The stories we’re reading from in haunted horror comics are some of the most important and neglected stories in American literature—the pre-Code horror comics of the 1950s. What do I mean by pre-Code?

Ha, well listen to this: Horror themed comics reached a peak in the late 1940s through the mid-1950s, but then concern over the content in these comics led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority in Congress in 1954, which contributed to the demise of many of these stories and the toning down of others. So, to sum it all up, our own government censored these comics so we couldn’t read them! How insane is that?

These stories have rarely been seen since they were first published. And now you can listen to us once a month reading from these unique tales on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or you can see the actual comic art from the comics we’ll be reading from on Cafe Crashdown’s YouTube channel. Just find the section that says “Twilight Hour” and you’ll be able to dive right into our episodes and see the art. 

The inspiration for this podcast really came from my love for old radio shows. There’s something about sitting down all curled up drinking a hot drink and just listening to a story being told to me like when I was little and my parents would read to me or tell me stories before going to bed. You know?

It’s in our nature to embrace storytelling, especially the auditory style. You think about it, back then that’s what you did as a community, you’d sit around a fire and listening to people in your village tell tales of epic warriors, the gods, travels to foreign lands, it just opened up your imagination and while I’m a huge film and television fan, I can’t help but get sucked into a good story being told to me through audio.

We’re starting off today’s episode with what I think is a great intro into these comics. I find that these comics are really telling to the time- often times sexist; meaning that is seems that the woman is always misleading the men and getting them into trouble. You even look at the cover and it’s of a beautiful women with someone holding a glass to her face and you see her skeleton through the glass. “Beauty is only skin deep” and “beauty can be misleading” type scenario. At times racist and the different scenarios that these characters find themselves in really show this era. What it was that they actually feared.

►PRODUCTION CREDITS: Vocal Talent: Kayla Spelling- @kaylaspelling, Kailee Poston-@kaileemon, Nick Howrey Directed & Edited by: Kayla Spelling Comic Art By: Haunted Horror Comics©
► MUSIC CREDITS: Theme Song by: Taylor Henry @itstaylorhenry
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