Horror Art: David Culbertson

The dark and the macabre are two factors we just can’t live without at Cafe Crashdown and David Culbertson encompasses both in his fantastic portfolio of horror art. A self-taught painter from Eureka, Kansas he has always loved the artwork and the space of the Southwest and moved to Santa Fe, N.M,  where he now paints under the desert sky.

“It’s a mortality issue that I feel is the best way to be aware that you are alive and living in this world.Thinking about death will make you prioritize the important things in life.” – David Culbertson

When we first saw one of Culbertson’s paintings we couldn’t tear our eyes away from it. We sat completely immersed in the story he is trying to tell. What story would you tell in viewing his work? Are you disturbed? Good. As Culbertson says, ” Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” We couldn’t agree more.

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